If you’re like us, you were living your life – helping your kids through college and other endeavors, taking a vacation here and there, and strivin’.  Then one day you wake up and realize 50 is staring you in the face and your savings and retirement account look piddly.

We changed the way we handled our finances and within three and half years our net worth went from -$22k to $1M+ and we were in a position to retire.  We are currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.

If you believe you might need some help in those areas, book a call with us.  We will help you come up with a plan, to get your finances straight so that you can retire or maybe just…work less!

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It is never too late to start planning for retirement. And it’s never too early to retire! You may be closer than you think – and even if you know that you are not; there is a way to get there much more quickly than you could ever imagine! If you need advice on your move abroad plan, your financial freedom plan, your side hustle, or all of the above, we've got you covered.



READY TO RETIRE TOOLKIT  Get your Toolkit to Financial Freedom.  Action Guide worksheets and resources to get your plan underway.


INVESTING FAQ  New to investing and feeling insecure about where to start? Learn the basics with this toolkit.  CLICK HERE