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Ric and I got a wake-up call about six years ago.  We were quickly approaching retirement age and we had very little saved.  Not only that, we had a mountain of debt!  We realized that if we continued to live and spend the way we had been that we would NEVER be able to retire.  At the time we liked our jobs but also dreamed of traveling throughout the United States filming documentaries.  

It did not seem like that dream could ever become a reality.  

Thankfully, we changed how we handled our finances and later we found the FIRE movement, which was a game changer.  Now we are retired and living our best life in Lisbon Portugal and traveling throughout this side of the world.  Our money mindset makeover course for financial independence is designed for Black folks who are getting their stuff together a little later in life. 

The Freedom to Design Your Days Awaits

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By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Assess your spending and gain a thorough understanding of where your money is going

  • Calculate the exact amount of money needed to retire

  • Lower your monthly expenses w/o major sacrifices

  • Create an un-budget that will help meet your goals with minimal effort

  • Develop an investment strategy and plan for real estate and the stock market

  • Develop a side hustle to increase income

What Past Participants Had to Say!

“Halisi and Ric’s “Get Your Money Straight” one-week challenge was a game changer for me. Prior to the challenge, I was unsure of how to move toward financial independence, and I never imagined I could do so without having to pay a financial adviser. Take the challenge, you will not regret it!”


“I love how each day builds on the other and the puzzle pieces start to come together. Then it all clicks...The UNbudget and the freedom calculator provided me with a different way to view my relationship with money. Before, it was punitive. I always felt I was in trouble and doing it wrong. Now, I have freedom around how I want to spend it, and saving it is a welcomed habit…”


“...Teaching people while they use their own personal information and then getting input and feedback is transformational…Love that you teach others by having them look at their own numbers and how to impact their situation was the best!”


“While I always knew retirement was imminent, I never really thought about what that would look like and/or whether I would have the resources I need to enjoy it.”


“I wholeheartedly suggest if you are over 50 that you take this challenge even if you think you’re going in the right direction with your financial independence. The information you’ll receive in this course, all I can say is they don’t teach in school and your investment manager won’t share it with you. This was money well spent!”



The idea of truly being able to retire, without a large pension from some government job, never seemed like an attainable reality for Ric and me...that is until we learned the principles of Financial Independence and F.I.R.E. Once we did, within 3 years we were retired and living in Lisbon, Portugal. The world is YOUR oyster.


Money Mindset Makeover for Financial Freedom

  1. 🙋🏾‍♀️ ZOOM Q&A's

  2. 🧠 Prerequisite Get your Mind in the Game

  3. 📊 MODULE 1 - Spending Analysis and Creating the UN-Budget

  4. 🏝️ MODULE 2 - Calculating FI $ Number and Choosing Retirement Locations

  5. 📈 MODULE 3 - Saving Money & Investing Money

  6. 🏡 MODULE 4 - Real Estate Investing

BEYOND THE BLING Money Mindset Makeover for FI

  • €127,00
  • 55 lessons
  • 20 hours of video content
  • This is a 'get your money straight' program

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  • Resource List

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    We've done the research for you. List of databases, platforms, and calculators to help you on your journey.

Understand How Money Works


Meet your Instructors

Halisi Vinson & Ricardo Crawley are recent immigrants to Portugal and the co-founders of Our Black Utopia. They are managing Halisi’s parents' care from abroad which further confirms their belief that the key to freedom, for Americans from the African Diaspora, is directly tied to financial freedom; everything else is secondary. They are having the time of their lives exploring Portugal and helping others get a handle on their finances so that they can retire on time or maybe even early.